Outlook Data Recovery

Stopping Outlook from sending unwanted .dat attachments

The Ms Outlook application has over the years has gained a lot of appreciation from its users and has drawn few brickbats too. A persistent complain that has followed Outlook application through the years is its propensity to include unknown .dat attachments like winmail.dat in emails. When an email containing such attachments reaches its destination its receiver cannot open these attachments and is left wondering why they have been sent. The issue is in fact caused by a facet of Outlook...

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Prune Unwanted Email IDs from the Auto Complete feature in Outlook

If you happen to be a regular user of Ms Outlook then it is quite likely that you have at times sent out an email to a wrong email address. In many such cases the wrong address was similar to the email ID you wished to send the email to and came up in auto complete. For example if you wish to send an email to Jack Watson in Outlook, instead the name of Jack Walter came up first and in haste the email went out to the wrong guy. Now if you are experiencing such situations frequently and there are...

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Looking at the Pros and Cons of activating the Auto Archive feature in Ms Outlook

The Ms Outlook email client is equipped with several innovative features that are designed to make it easy for you to manage your emails. The auto archive feature is essentially meant to archive old emails beyond a certain date automatically. You can set the time period for emails to be archived and once an email reaches that heritage it is automatically transferred to the archive folder. In this article we would look at both the pros and cons of using the auto archive feature in...

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