Outlook Data Recovery

Using the Outlook Journal Feature to Track Work in your Team

For a business owner, the productivity of his employees is a crucial aspect to keep track off. In case you run a small business, the thought of investing in a time tracking might have come across your mind. However purchasing a specialized tool can be costly and it also involves a learning curve. With the Journal feature in Outlook you can track the tasks that you perform on your email client including the emails that you have sent with ease. Moreover you can also track the use of other...

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Using the Ms Outlook Application for Offering Email Based Customer Support

Nearly every business owner who has a successful business would at some point of time have to start offering customer support over phone and email. As compared to phone support, email support is cost effective and can be offered without the help of a specialized tool for a limited set of users. Now if you are only catering to a small customer base, using Outlook for email support can prove to be a great choice. The Ms Outlook application has all the necessary tools that can allow you to offer...

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Understanding Record Types in Ms Outlook Business Contact Manager

The Business Contact Manager feature in Outlook has gained a lot of positive goodwill in last couple of years. While some small businesses have started to use it as a CRM tool, others have preferred to ignore it, given the fact that it needs a bit of effort to understand it. The BCM feature uses several distinct record types to depict entities and form relations between them. In this article we would look at these record types in detail and understand their significance.   Accounts...

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