Outlook Data Recovery

Steps to follow when the Ms Outlook applications fails to close

In the corporate world the Ms Outlook client retains its place as the preferred email client. The fondness for Outlook is not restricted to business executives only and it extends to small businesses and other professionals too. Given the wide usage of this class leading email clients, issues associated with it get a lot of attention. Over the years the issue of Outlook application not closing properly has drawn the ire of a significant number of users. The issue may occur due to myriad of...

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Dive Deep with Outlook’s Advanced Search Features

The Ms Outlook application from Microsoft is often touted as the best email client in vogue today and the reputation is not without a reason. The product comes with a rich bouquet of features that helps you to manage your emails in an effective manner and improve your overall productivity.  When we look at some of its sophisticated features, we tend to ignore the ubiquitous search option. The advanced search feature in Outlook is quite versatile and if used properly can drag out nearly every...

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Stopping Outlook from sending unwanted .dat attachments

The Ms Outlook application has over the years has gained a lot of appreciation from its users and has drawn few brickbats too. A persistent complain that has followed Outlook application through the years is its propensity to include unknown .dat attachments like winmail.dat in emails. When an email containing such attachments reaches its destination its receiver cannot open these attachments and is left wondering why they have been sent. The issue is in fact caused by a facet of Outlook...

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