Outlook Data Recovery

Reading all your emails in Plain Text in Ms Outlook Email Client

There is an old saying which mentions that you can never be too cautious. The phrase is absolutely gospel in the today’s world where cyber crime has become a huge bugbear. Cyber threats can be found in many hues and emails tend to be the vector for some of them. From phishing links to images that contain malicious payloads, an innocuous looking email can compromise your system and even your private data. Given the scenario some people like to read their emails in the plain text format that...

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Know More about the Calendar Peek Option in Ms Outlook 2013

In the short span of time that Outlook 2013 has been around it has earned countless accolades from its users. It rich collection of new features like the People Hub and Zoom slider to name a few have made working with Outlook a sheer pleasure. The Calendar Peek is one such nifty addition to Outlook 2013 that is designed to give you a glimpse of your upcoming schedules. In fact it can be stuck on to all the views which means, as long as your Outlook client is open you can keep a tab on your...

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Innovative Ideas to Sort and Manage your Emails

For most Outlook users, the number of emails landing into their mailbox, every passing day, is a matter of great worry. Not only do a large number of emails in the Inbox make it bloated and prone to crashes, it also makes searches go on for countless minutes. Thus sorting the emails in your Inbox should be a priority and in this article we would look at some innovative tips to achieve the same.   Create Folders and Subfolders At the very outset you should create folders for different...

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