Outlook Data Recovery

Avoid Genuine Emails from Landing into the Junk Email Folder

When it comes to avoiding spam from making its way into the Inbox, the Outlook Spam filter performs a commendable job. Not only is it capable of spotting spam emails based on their characteristics, its settings can be modified to meet your requirements. However in some cases, the spam filter may mark genuine email messages as spam. In this article we would look at avoiding important emails from landing into the spam folder.   Check your Spam Filter Settings Ideally you should begin by...

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Viruses Can Enter through Outlook even if you just View a compromised email

An average internet user today is potentially exposed to whole array of threats, some of which he may simply have no clue about. To cite an example, an user may be careful about opening attachments that come with emails from unknown senders, however he will not really believe if someone told him that viewing a compromised email in Ms Outlook can be lead to an infection. Technically it is possible to get infected by viewing a message in Outlook owing to virus payloads that can be hidden within...

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Use Link Contacts in Outlook 2013 to aggregate contact data

One of the most interesting elements present in Outlook 2013 is the People Hub feature. It essentially serves a single point of collation of all data related to person or a business and you can add nearly everything here. Besides the usual phone and email details, you can reference their social networking profiles, instant messenger IDs etc. Given the fact that all data related to a contact can be harnessed at one place, it makes sense for you to link all Contact information about an entity...

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