Outlook Data Recovery

Outlook May Botch Up Attachment Files when Emails are composed in the RTF Format

The Ms Outlook client has the distinction of being the most powerful desktop email client available in the market. Its features remain unmatched and it literally stands head and shoulders above its competition including the likes of Mozilla Thunderbird. Yet when it comes to errors that besot it with alarming regularity, the Outlook email client cuts a sorry figure. Some of these errors can be outlandishly difficult to diagnose for an average user. One such issue involves the messing of...

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Multiple Copies of an Email are being sent out by Outlook – Quick Solution

Out of several strange errors that one can experience in Outlook, the case of an email message sent multiple times to a recipient takes the cake. I have personally experienced the issue one fine day when a contact of mine called me up and asked why I was flooding his Inbox with repeated emails. When I checked the issue, I was surprised to find that Outlook has sent an email nearly a dozen times and still had a few of left to be sent in the Outlook. After due research, I was able to rectify the...

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Avoiding Spam from Certain Locations or Domains

Spam has become the bane for email users in recent years as one may need to sort though a whole bunch of unnecessary emails every day. To deal with this perennial headache, Outlook carries with it a powerful email filter tool which can be used to cut down this menace. However the effectiveness of this tool is directly proportional to the settings you enforce on it. While it is suggested that you increase the Junk protection option to High, it may not be enough. In case you are getting submerged...

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