Outlook Data Recovery

Practical Housekeeping Tips to Quickly Remove Clutter from your Inbox

It hardly surprising for an Outlook user to find his Inbox cluttered with all sorts of emails. In a typical day you may receive emails from several people, and in some cases a chain of emails while working on a certain project. If that was not all promotional emails and spam emails too clog up your Inbox. For many of us who use Outlook for both business and personal emails, over a period of time we can literally get inundated by the sheer volume of emails and end up with a huge Inbox running...

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Ms Outlook Quick Parts – A Primer

The Ms Outlook email client is loaded with so many features that some of them simply do not figure up in the minds of an average user. For example we consider reusing text blocks or other elements in email messages; we simply go ahead and create templates. While templates are a wonderful solution when you need to create email messages of a certain pattern, they are an overkill when you are just trying to including few lines here or there. The feature that one should look at is Quick Parts which...

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Removing a Stuck Email in the Ms Outlook Outbox

For an Outlook user, the idea of encountering a stuck email message can seem like a nightmare. If an email message with a large attachment is stuck in the Outbox the application will try to send it every time you press the send/receive button and unless the sent task is complete other emails will not land in your mailbox. The issue gets rather serious when your attempts to delete the stuck message do not work out. Let’s explore the issue in detail and look at ways to remove the stuck email...

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