Outlook Data Recovery

Quick Tips to Attach a Whole Set of Files or a folder in an Outlook Email Message

Most Outlook users tend to attach files to their email messages every now and then. While attaching few files to an Outlook message has never been a challenge, when you are looking at add a whole bunch of files, it can become tricky. To start with you may exceed the total permitted size limit for attachments. That apart selecting multiple files from within a folder may be a hassle for novice users. Let’s look at some quick tips to help you attach multiple files quickly in...

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Dealing with Quirky Active X Errors in Outlook

Due to valid security reasons the Ms Outlook application typically enforces restriction on Active X controls in an email message. In other words any email you receive cannot contain an Active X control which can theoretically be used to compromise your system. Now if you ever encounter an error message in Outlook which mentions an Active X related issue, you may end up searching in the dark for an answer. It is quite logical to wonder when the controls are disabled how on earth is it possible...

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Backing Up a Large PST File in Outlook – Practical Tips

While using the Ms Outlook client, the risk of an Outlook crash is always present when you have lots of data in your Inbox. Given this risk, it is but normal for us to consider backing up the PST file. Now if you are looking to backup a PST file which is large in size, probably running into few Gigabytes, you need to follow certain best practices which we have listed below.   Use the Mailbox Cleanup tool to remove unwanted data At the very outset you should try to reduce the size of...

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