Outlook Data Recovery

Quick Tips to Deal with a Bloated Archive File that has reached its Size Limit

Of the several woes that an Outlook user often encounters, reaching the PST file size limit has been a perennial problem for those using older iterations of the email client. Apart from an overall file size limit, older iterations of the Outlook client had a rather limited file size limit for archived items too. Once the size limit is reached, it becomes difficult for you to archive more emails and you may even encounter an error message. However issue can be quickly bypassed by creating a new...

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PST File Errors Can Cause Instant Search to Show Blank Results

The Outlook email client from its 2007 iteration onwards comes equipped with a potent instant search feature which allows you find items at lightning speed. You simply need to type your query string in the Instant Search field that hovers across the top of all panes and it would drag out matching elements including emails and contacts. In fact you do not even need to click on the Search button to activate the scan process. The sheer swiftness of Instant search feature is powered by the file...

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Post Notes in a Specific Folder in the Ms Outlook Client

A lot of Outlook users simply love the nifty Notes feature. From putting down thoughts to sharing work aspects, this handy tool has been a favorite with many of us for years. While most of us know how to create notes and even share them with others, the possibility of placing a note directly into a folder is not a common knowledge. This is possible with the Post item option in Outlook it effectively allows you to place a note in a folder of your choice more or so like an email. The feature...

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