Outlook Data Recovery

Learn More about Contact Fields in Ms Outlook

As an Outlook user, you are likely to be familiar with the Contacts feature in Outlook. Normally you can store a whole set of information about a contact, using the several fields available in the feature. Depending on the Outlook iteration you are using, certain fields may not appear as default and you may need to click on the All Fields tab to discover all the available fields. Let’s explore the fields present in the Contacts in detail.   Basic Information is covered in the...

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A Quick Overview About Search Folders in Outlook

While using the search feature in Ms Outlook you may have thought about saving some of the complex queries that you create. However saving queries in Outlook not feasible and instead the Search Folder option can be used to achieve similar results. At the very outset you need to understand that a Search folder is essentially a virtual folder which does not hold any physical space. Outlook by default uses certain search folders like Unread Email and Large Mail to display certain emails that meet...

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Understand How Protected View secures you from Suspicious Attachments

The Ms Outlook client has a huge user base and its large audience often makes it a favorite target for hackers. A number of viruses over the years have been designed to exploit the Ms Outlook application and most of them spread through compromised attachments. Given the susceptibility of Outlook and other Ms Office applications to malicious attachments, Microsoft introduced the Protected View feature that typically opens attachment files received from un-trusted sources in a restricted read...

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