Outlook Data Recovery

Learn to Use Rules in Outlook to Limit the Size of the Outgoing Emails

In an age where sharing of images and videos have become common, the tendency to send emails which contain several large attachments is quite widespread. However, most internet service providers have a limit on the size of the emails that you can send out. Similarly a number of hosted email platforms limit the size of the emails that one can receive. Thus it is always ideal to restrict the size of your outgoing emails. This also helps avoid issues like large emails getting stuck in the Outlook...

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Quick tips to Repair a corrupted To-Do bar in Ms Outlook

Of the several well thought out features that the Ms Outlook application can boast off, the To-Do bar may come across as tad boring. While it may not have the sophistication that some other features have, it is quite capable in itself. The To-Do bar can be used to list all important things that you need to take up. You can add calendars to it and use it to keep a track on key things that you must accomplish. However the To-Do bar can at times behave in an erratic fashion. In some cases you may...

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Outlook 2013 Helps Professionals Streamline their work

For a section of Ms Outlook users who have been using various iterations of the application for over a decade, the Outlook 2013 edition came across as a pleasant change. While it retains the familiarity of Outlook, it takes a fresh new look at doing things in the most easy and intuitive manner. There is a noticeable focus in making the application user friendly and more inline with current technological changes. In this article we would specifically look at features and options which are...

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