Outlook Data Recovery

Receiving an error message while sending an email to numerous recipients

In the Ms Outlook application, it is possible to send a single email to multiple recipients. Now this feature of sending emails in bulk can prove very handy when you are looking to reach out to a large group of people at once. At times though, when you are attempting to send say hundreds of emails, out at the same time, the Outlook email client can stop the process with an error message mentioning “Too many recipients”.  Obviously you may be tempted to know the limit Outlook has set on the...

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Using Outlook for Scheduling Deliverables in a Small Business – A Primer

The Ms Outlook application is much more than an email client and can be used to achieve several tasks from team management to work scheduling. In a small business environment, the idea to create business processes around Outlook can prove rather handy. Most small firms do not own sophisticated software like Management Information Systems or Customer Relationship Management applications. However if you use Outlook tasks to schedule work and manage your team and utilize Business Contact Manager...

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Outlook Quirks -The Image Included in Your Signature can Show up as an Attachment

A lot of Outlook users like to create their personalized signatures that get automatically added when they send out an email. Signatures in Outlook serve as a great branding opportunity and you can include a lot of information in it from website links to your company logo or product image. Now if you have included an image file in your signature it should typically appear as an embedded image along with the signature text. However in some cases, you may find that the image appears as an...

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