Outlook Data Recovery

Tips to Resolve Issues while attempting to save or update a signature in Outlook

The Ms Outlook client offers several interesting features that allow you to personalize your email. Outlook Signatures for instant serve as a brand message and can contain valuable contact information that gets automatically inserted into every new message. In Outlook you can create signatures that contain hyperlinks, images and creative text. While it is very easy to create a signature in Outlook, saving them or updating them at times may prove difficult. Let’s look at some of issues that...

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Quick Tips to Break Up a Large Outlook PST file

The Outlook application has been in vogue for quite some time now and over the years several iterations of the mail client has been released. Irrespective of the version of Outlook you are using, breaking a large PST file into small parts can always help you improve the response time of the Outlook application. Also in many older iterations of Outlook, the need to break up a large PST file is pretty much required in order to avoid an Outlook crash. Let’s look at two distinct ways in which you...

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Linking Up Notes with Contacts in Ms Outlook – A Primer

The Notes feature in Outlook can prove handy at different occasions. For example you may be engaging in a telephone call with a client and would like to jot down some relevant information in it. At some point of time you may feel the need to associate a Note with a specific contact. It would be delightful if it was possible to link the Note you created over a conversation with a client and link the data with his contact information in Outlook. Thankfully Outlook offers you such flexibility and...

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