Outlook Data Recovery

Changing your Account Password in Ms Outlook

The Ms Outlook client has been in vogue for several years and is found in all sorts of places from large organizations to small educational institutes. Given the wide variety of places where Outlook is used, the way it got installed is not standard. For some Outlook users, technical support personnel, system builders or other colleagues have installed the application and configured their Outlook data file passwords. Now using an old password is never a safe idea and it is important to change...

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Outlook may fail to Remind you about Recurring Tasks if you Dismiss them

The Outlook email client can easily be used to schedule meetings and keep a track of tasks that we need to accomplish. By creating a task and scheduled reminder, we can keep ourselves aware of a specific activity to be taken up at a distinct moment of time. Now of some of the tasks that you do may be recurring in nature. For example you may need to take up a team huddle every Tuesday. To prompt you at the same time every week, you can create a recurring task by clicking on the Recurrence option...

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Learn Why using a Backup Copy of Outlook is ideal when you are shifting between Computers

With computing technology improving every passing year, you may be tempted to upgrade to a new machine or an operating system. If you decide to do so, you would have reinstall your Ms Office application and transfer the contents stored in your Outlook application. While Outlook provides you with Export and Import features to achieve the same, the process may not be ideal. For once, you will lose your personal settings including any rules that you have created and view settings will also have to...

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