Outlook Data Recovery

Beware of Email Bugs while Using the Ms Outlook application

In this article we will explore the threat posed by email bugs and how we can avoid them while using the Outlook application. In a highly competitive business environment, marketers are always in the lookout for possible target audience. With emails being one of the cheapest medium of outreach, a lot of marketers and even spammers include email bugs in their messages. While an email bug may track out your location and give out information stored in cookies, they are not malicious. The...

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Working Around Outlook’s Lack of Watermark Options

In this article we would look at overcoming the absence of a watermark feature in Outlook with the help of the Word Application in Ms Office. Creating a brand identify is often a key endeavor in the business world. At times it is important to mark your identify in official business communications. For example printed letterheads used by many companies contain a watermarked logo. Now if you are looking to replicate the same in the emails that you send out, you would be disappointed to...

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Repeated Outlook Crashes are a Sign of a possible serious problem

If your Outlook application is crashing often then it can be an indication of a serious issue including PST corruption. The popularity of Ms Outlook application does not take away from the fact that it is far from perfect. While it is undoubtedly the best desktop email client in vogue, it is bogged down with several issues like propensity for data corruption and crashes. Now many of us have encountered an Outlook crash and in most cases it does not cause any hassles once we restarted the...

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