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Benefits of Using Categories to Manage your Contacts

When it comes to sorting contacts, creating categories to manage them comes across as a rather innovative and effective idea. If you are a marketing professional or a small business owner, it is quite likely that your Outlook contacts folder contains hundreds of contact details. If you have to deal with a huge contacts list, it would make sense for you to segment them with categories. When you apply categories to contacts and search them out at a later date, you effectively are viewing...

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Is Ms Exchange Server Essential for Ms Outlook in a Small Business Environment?

In this article we will try to evaluate if the Ms Exchange Server is critical for running Outlook email clients in a small business environment or a small team. For those of us who use Outlook in a corporate environment, the Exchange Server runs in the background facilitating an array of collaborative features present in Outlook. You can share calendars with your contacts in an Exchange environment, book resources and undertake several other functions that make Outlook a complete team...

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Empty Favorite Folders Can be a Pointer to a Serious Error

If folders added under Favorite Folders in Outlook get deleted or come up as blank, it is likely that you are looking at a potentially serious error. In the Outlook application it is possible to place folders that you commonly use under the Favorite Folder section. Typically Favorite Folders show up in top left pane and give you the chance to access important data quickly. In some cases after you have added folders to the Favorite Folder section, they may seem to vanish next time you...

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