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Understanding the Instant Search Feature in MS Outlook – A Primer

In this article we would take an in depth look into the Instant Search feature available in latest iteration of Ms Outlook. Instant Search as seen in Google and other online search engines has been a huge hit with people. Perhaps, this is the reason that Microsoft, one of the leading IT companies of the world, thought of adding an Instant Search Feature in their very popular MS Outlook. As the name suggests, Instant Search is a feature that has been designed to help the user find an item...

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Enable Automatic Whitelisting of People that you send email in Outlook

In order to avoid spam filters from blocking emails from people you deem important, you can choose to whitelist their email IDs in Outlook. Has it ever happened to you that one of your important email messages got lost in the junk or spam folder and you deleted it by mistake? Well, this will not happen anymore, if you switch to MS Outlook and acquaint yourself with the interesting and rather say, safe way to whitelist people in your mailbox. Read on to know more about the detailed way of...

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Learn to Book a Conference Room and other office resources with MS Outlook

If you are using Outlook in your office on an Exchange backbone, you can easily block resources such as conference rooms or projectors right out of your favorite email client. Gone are the days when you had to search for conference rooms to conduct important official meetings. Thanks to MS Outlook for encompassing an innovative feature that allows you to block official resources. Yes, you got us right; we are talking about the Room Mailbox Feature of Outlook which essentially works as part...

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