Outlook Data Recovery

Setting Message Priority Options in Outlook

Microsoft has done a great job by allowing the users to set the level of importance for each and every email message. Yes, you guessed it right; we are indeed talking about the Message Priority Feature of MS Outlook. With this smart feature, you are allowed to indicate whether a message needs a quick attention or can be left for reading later. We are here to acquaint you with the whole procedure of setting message priority options and its advantages in Outlook. To start with, we will be...

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Refining a Search in Ms Outlook

In this article we would look at narrowing down the search in Ms Outlook MS Outlook is needless to say is an expansive platform to handle multiple tasks at a time, be it contacts, emails, calendars or tasks. In such a huge program, it is obvious that chances are more for a user to get confused while searching for a particular item. Although, there is an Instant Search Feature in Outlook, there are chances that you get puzzled seeing multiple results but none matching your need. This is...

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Quick guide to Outlook 2013 Interface

In this article we would introduce you to key elements of Ms Outlook 2013 Interface   It is a common sight to see people especially those new to MS Outlook 2013 edition getting confused to see a number of options appearing in front of them, the moment they open the main screen. It’s true that MS Outlook is packed with features and is used in many organizations, so a beginner can’t help it but remain confused. So, here we are to enlighten you with a quick guide to the MS...

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