Outlook Data Recovery

A Beginners guide to backing up your Outlook Data File

It is crucial to backup your Outlook Data File to keep your emails secured in case of a contingency. Today millions of professionals use MS Outlook in their day to day life for doing a variety of tasks. A large section of these users do not follow a scheduled backup plan or simply do not know how to take a backup of the Outlook data file. So, what if you lose all your important data one day and left in a no man’s land without any backup? Perhaps, this is the reason that it is very...

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Quirks of Using Social Media connector in MS Outlook

In this article we would explore what professional risks you may be exposed to too if you use FaceBook Social Media connector with Ms Outlook If you are too glad to know that MS Outlook has a Social Media Connector Feature and if you are already using it, then don’t be too happy. On a serious note, this social media connector has its advantages as well as disadvantages too. Although, it helps in getting connected socially with your contacts on popular social media sites like FaceBook...

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Quickly create a shortcut to flag an email in Ms Outlook client

In this article we explore the shortcut for flagging an email in an instant Even if you are not used to utilizing keyword shortcuts while working in MS Outlook, you will not be able to resist using the shortcut to flag an email. The reason being, this keyword shortcut helps you to mark a particular email for future or follow up action. Not just this, it helps in setting a reminder on a particular email. In fact, many users find it the easiest way to process an email in the most...

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