Outlook Data Recovery

Send emails to colleagues with links to important files on your office network

In this article we will explore how you can embed links to data files stored in an office network within your email sent from an Outlook email client. It is a common practice to attach files in office while sending emails to colleagues. But, have you ever wondered that by sending attachments you consume at least a bit of the storage space in the user’s inbox? This is where MS Outlook provides you with the perfect solution to create a hyperlink in an email message that allows the...

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Quick tips to keep your Auto Complete list in shape

The Auto Complete list in Outlook needs to be kept in shape by performing periodic housekeeping tasks on it. Have you ever noticed that as you start typing an Email ID or Name in the To or CC or BCC Field in MS Outlook, you get a list of suggestions of email addresses and contacts automatically. Usually, these suggestions match to what you are typing. With a number of other important official works in mind it becomes difficult at times to type in each email ID, so the best way out is to...

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Avoid Common spelling mistakes in MS Outlook email client while composing emails

In this article we look at avoiding common mistakes while composing emails in the Outlook email client. If sending and composing emails is a big part of your day to day life, then you might have felt an urge to avail a feature that helps you in checking your grammar and spelling mistakes. Well, it is not possible every time for the user to check each and every email message he or she types for spelling or grammatical mistakes, more so if emails are sent in bulk every ten minutes or so....

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