Outlook Data Recovery

A quick introduction to Single Key reading in Ms Outlook

In the article we would explore the possibility of browsing through several using a single key Do you really wish to use an easier way to browse your Outlook emails, instead of the traditional way of opening each email from the Inbox one by one? Well, thankfully, the experts at Microsoft thought of innovating and introducing such a quick way called Single Key Reading in MS Outlook. Designed especially to offer the flexibility and save time of the Outlook users, this innovative feature...

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With Outlook 2013 its easy to get a receipt from a contact whom you sent an email

Sending out a read receipt request to a contact is exceedingly easy in Outlook 2013 It is needless to say that a lot of efforts goes in composing a professional email, which is both filled with crucial official data and also important as per deadlines. But, what if the email message you send doesn’t reach or is unread by the receiver on time? Perhaps, this is where the necessity of using a smart feature like Read Receipts arises. Since, we have already covered the information on how to...

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The To-Do Bar in Outlook 2016 gets spruced up

If you have too many things to do and track, you will simply love the new to-do bar in Outlook 2016 Making task lists on a regular basis is a common practice amongst several busy professionals. Following this habit is easy while working on MS Outlook too. Yes, you got us right; we are indeed talking about the To Do Bar Feature in MS Outlook. This is not a new feature that you will get to see in the 2016 Outlook version but yes, it does comes in somewhat improved way than the 2013...

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