Outlook Data Recovery

Modifying your calendar details for improving visibility

In this article we look at modifying size of elements in Outlook calendar to improve visibility. Calendar is indeed one of the most popular features of MS Outlook irrespective of the version. This feature simply saves time that otherwise goes wasted in searching and working out on a manual calendar on a day to day basis. Moreover, it allows you to jot down reminders, tasks and other important appointment details directly in Outlook for an easier access whenever you are working on your...

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Experiencing difficulty in reading Notes in Outlook that are long – try these tips

Reading long Notes in Outlook is a hassle in the absence of a scrollbar and we look at ways to overcome this difficulty It is a common sight to see that users who have got addicted to creating and reading Notes in Outlook jotting down an array of information in Notes. Generally such users tend to create longer Notes with all the detailed information regarding the subject at hand. However a peculiar aspect of Notes that stands out is that there is seemingly no scroll bar for an Outlook...

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Email Viruses are still there – Know how to stop them from coming through Ms Outlook

Even today, email borne viruses are continuing to spread and one must be careful that such emails do not come through Outlook and infect our systems. With newer forms of viruses coming to light every now and then, email viruses seem to have fallen of the radar for many of us. Yet viruses that make their way into our systems through email are still there. In fact more potent versions of them are coming to light. If you are using Ms Outlook then you must take steps to prevent your system...

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