Outlook Data Recovery

2 Quick Approaches to Prevent Duplicate Contacts

To mounting contacts in Outlook, we often save the same contacts repetitively. Actually we can check out duplicate contacts by 2 quick ways. I have ever been required to import a list of contacts into Outlook Contacts. These contacts are stored in excel file, which includes quantities of contacts, nearly exceeding 200 ones. After skimming the list rapidly, I’ve found that some contacts have already existed in Outlook Contacts. Therefore here comes the question – How can I import these...

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Quick Tips to Fix Background Images Which Keep Repeating in MS Outlook

In this article we look at dealing with the quirky case of background images repeating in an Outlook email message. MS Outlook gives the user the choice and freedom to insert a background picture or image in the email message to make their message appealing and focused for the receiver. Then, where does the problem arise? Well, the problem encountered by many Outlook users is that by adding a background image in their email message, they find it getting repeated over and over again in length...

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2 Easy Ways to Delete Stuck Emails in Outbox

Are you peeved about that you cannot delete stuck emails in your Outbox? In this article let’s look at 2 simple ways to resolve the problem. Everyone must have encountered the situation that it took much time to send a large email. In general, it is difficult to send a large email, which may contain an over-sized attachment. Therefore, provided the email is sent with success, it must be a great fortune. While the most awful scenario is that email is stuck in Outbox. It is also hard to...

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