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Why Not Disable AutoCorrect to Stop Disturbing Hints?

If you are always disturbed by variety of AutoComplete suggestions, disabling AutoCorrect will certainly help you a lot. With regard to AutoCorrect, I have ever appreciated it very much. Not only does it give me several editing suggestions during writing emails, but also it can help me to avert some spelling mistakes by reference to those suggestions. Since this feature is activated by default, I have never considered disabling it until I met a problem. My Problems about AutoCorrect I have a...

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How to Avoid Accidentally Dragging Outlook Folders

Accidentally dragging Outlook folders into other folders happens frequently, which is not our expectation. How can we avoid the situation? I believe that many people must have mastered the function of dragging Outlook folders around. Actually to my mind, it is one of my most favorite features in Outlook. With it, I can simply organize my Outlook folders with ease. In a nutshell, by this capability, my work with Outlook becomes much easier. However, as a saying goes, every coin has two...

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Viruses and Ms Outlook – How to Keep Your Email Client Safe

In this article we look at keeping the email client safe from malicious viruses that can compromise your data. It is true that the biggest threats for a computer user today are virulent viruses and in fact, every other day, a new kind of computer virus is introduced by the hackers around the world just to steal your important data and personal information for misuse. The two main thresholds of virus attacks are firstly through emails and secondly through net browsing. In the first case, when...

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