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How to Change the Attachment Size Limit for Outlook Emails

When trying to attach a very large file to Outlook emails, you may receive a prompt that the attachment size exceeds the allowable limit. This article will teach you how to change the size limit. If you are using an Internet email account like POP3 or IMAP, Outlook has a default attachment size limit of 20 MB. In contrast, if using an Exchange email account, the size limit is 10 MB. Thus whenever you attach files whose sizes are greater than the limit, you will definitely receive the error...

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What to Do If ScanPST Fails with “An unexpected error prevented access to this file”?

When you utilize ScanPST to repair your broken Outlook file, it may fail and in the meantime throw out an error “An unexpected error prevented access to this file”. This article will delve into this error as well as the relevant solutions. Here is my practical experience. One day I attempted to copy my Outlook file to an external drive. But it fails and I receive a CRC error meanwhile. Next I renamed this PST file and launched ScanPST to scan and repair the file. Later I received this...

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How to Block Emails without Subjects Automatically in Outlook

Everyone must beware of the emails with no subjects, because they may come packed with disguised viruses or malware. Virtually in order to avert unexpected hurts, we should mark this kind of emails as junks and block them in time. If you’ve set the Junk email level to high, Outlook may be able to auto recognize the emails without subjects and move them to Junk Email folder. However, if you not, you have to utilize the following methods to force Outlook to block them. Create a Rule to...

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