Outlook Data Recovery

5 Top Reasons Why Data Recovery Plan Is Badly Needed

When it comes to data loss, a majority of people may think that it will never happen to them. However, the truth is that a data disaster can take place without any omens. This article will tell you why you need a data recovery plan urgently. Few people have paid attention to data disaster until they or their businesses encountered an irreversible data loss. From the perspective of business, a simple mistake in daily workings may result in costly business data disasters. Besides, more often...

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How to Add a Mailto Link to the Signature of Your Outlook Emails

Outlook permits us to add a mailto link to signature, such that your recipients can send emails to you just by clicking the link. This article will introduce the elaborate steps to you. One day, I received an email whose signature encompassed a mailto link. As long as I click the link, the new message will open at once, in which “To” field has been filled with the source email address. It’s so convenient. Inspired by this, I learned to add a mailto link to my signature as well. Add a...

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How to Print the Selection of an Outlook Email

Sometimes, you may find that only a part of an email message is useful for you. So you only want to print a selection instead of the whole message. This article will tell you how to print the selection only. When you receive an email message whose message body is too long, but only a portion of content is of value, printing the entire message is utterly meaningless. In fact, you could print a selection of the email with the help of Internet Bowser. Here are the elaborate steps. Print the...

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