Outlook Data Recovery

2 Tips to Print an Outlook Email without Header & Username

When printing an Outlook email, you will find that Outlook prints out all the email components, including body, header and so on. This article will teach you how to remove the header and username when printing an email in Outlook. For some reasons, I prefer to print some Outlook emails which contain important task information. However, after printing them out, I discover that Outlook print out the headers and relevant usernames of these emails as well. I hope to remove them. Here are my 2...

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How to Backup & Restore Your PC via Windows 7’s Built-in Tool

In the digital era, data is all around. To prevent undesired data disaster, we should pay attention to backup. More and more backup software spring up nowadays. In fact, without any software, Windows can do this job as well. This article will teach you how to use backup & restore in Windows 7 step by step. Do you know that Windows have a built-in feature – “Restore Previous Versions”? By it, windows will automatically make backups for your data in the system drive. For instance,...

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2 Methods to Insert Checkboxes into Your Outlook Emails

If you would like to include a small survey in the message body of an Outlook email, you will definitely wish to insert checkboxes. This article will introduce 2 simple workarounds. When it comes to carrying out a survey in Outlook, “Vote” feature will be the best choice. With regard to “Vote”, you can refer to another article – “Skillful Use of MS Outlook for Voting”. But if you hope to design a questionnaire directly in message body, which should include checkboxes, you can...

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