Outlook Data Recovery

How to Send Emails on Behalf of another Person in Outlook

In Outlook, after someone giving you sufficient permission, you could send emails on behalf of him. This article will teach you how to send emails on behalf of another person. In the past, I have never realized the feature “sending email on behalf of others” in Outlook. But one day, my friend gave me a call and told that he urgently needed to send an email to his clients in case of missing a business deal. He said, he had gave the permission to me and wished that I could do the sending...

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How to Prevent Data Corruption Effectively

Data corruption has become one of the most common computer errors, which can occur to all of us. This article will give you a deeper insight into it and offer some suggestions about how to combat it. Actually, data corruption refers to the errors occurring to data during you writing, reading, processing or transmission, which will makes unintended changes to the original data. When data corruption happens, if system or application attempts to access the file encompassing the data, it will...

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How to Add Date, Time or Page Number to Your Printed Outlook Emails

For those important emails in Outlook, you may wish to print them out with the current date, time or page numbers so as to keep them in file for future reference. This article will show you the elaborate steps. In my daily work, I prefer to print some important Outlook emails, such as emails relevant with significant tasks. So as to create more convenience for future review, I’m also accustomed to inserting the current printing date as well as the page numbers. Provided that you have...

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