Outlook Data Recovery

5 Most Important Techniques to Avoid Data Loss

For computer users, there is nothing more frustrating than losing the important data. This article will focus on this issue and provide the most effective tricks to get rid of the miserable data loss. Computers have been an indispensable part in our life for the overwhelming majority of people. Indeed, it does bring a lot of convenience and welfares to us. Nevertheless, data also comes along with it simultaneously. Also, data loss is inevitable due to the fact that we cannot predict and...

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How to Create a Shortcut to an Email Template in Outlook

It is indeed convenient and time-saving to apply email templates in Outlook. But at times we may find it difficult to seek out them. This article will offer a workaround to create a shortcut to an email template. In general, I am accustomed to creating templates by saving a written email as template. However, when needing to apply it, I have to searching forms, which will require too much time. I hope that Outlook can put the templates in the obvious places, such that I can access them just...

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How to Insert a Web Page into an Outlook Email

Would you like to send an email which contains a lively web page instead of an unattractive plain link? This article will teach you how to insert a web page into an Outlook email. More often than not, when we need to send a website related information by an email, we are used to embed a hyperlink in the email. In contrast with a link formed by multiple boring characters, a web page encompassing colorful pictures will be more charming. Now read on to learn the elaborate operations. Insert a...

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