Outlook Data Recovery

7 Tips to Protect Your Data from Hackers and Viruses

With the advent of Internet, computer users have been plagued a lot by increasingly aggressive hackers and viruses. This article will probe into this issue and present 7 effective tips to secure your data against the threat. You may have stored a plenty of significant data on your computers, such as myriad of emails, client personal information, and confidential documents and so on. Needless to say, you wouldn’t like to experience the situation that some or all of the data get ruined by...

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How to Quickly Remove All Pictures & Attachments in the Original Email When Replying It

When you receive an email with multiple pictures and attachments, if you reply it with all the original pictures and attachments, the email will be long and in large size. It will be difficult to send it out. This article will offer the way to remove them in batches. In order to reply an email which encompasses a host of pictures and attachments, I tend to remove them in advance. In the past, I only knew to delete them one by one, which requires much time and energy. But now I get...

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6 Easy Steps to Archive Last Year’s Outlook Emails

Outlook performs well in cleaning up the items older than a certain date. But how can we archive the items in a date range, such as last year? This article will teach you how to archive last year’s outlook emails. Regular users of Outlook must have been considerably familiar with cleanup tools in Outlook, which include “Mailbox Cleanup”, “Empty Deleted Items Folder” and “Archive”. Only using this tool cannot clean up items in a certain date range, like last year. However, with...

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