Outlook Data Recovery

How to Get the Accurate Time When an Email Is Marked as Completed

Sometimes, we may flag an email for follow up. When finishing it, we can mark it as completed just by one click. But how can we get the accurate time when the flagged emails is marked as completed? This article will show you a simple method. In Outlook 2003 and older versions, when we mark an email as completed, we are allowed to see both the completed date and time. However, in the newer versions since Outlook 2007, the email will show the completed date only with no the elaborate time,...

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2 Steps to Highlight Emails from Unknown Contacts

In order to protect Outlook data more effectively, we should beware of those emails from unknown contacts. This article will offer a method to highlight these unknown emails, such that we can recognize them with ease. Outlook is susceptible to corruption, not only owing to its inner errors but also external attacks, like virus infection. As we all know, email borne virus has been a common phenomenon in Outlook. So as to safeguard Outlook, we should keep an eye on the emails from unknown...

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4 Top Challenges Facing Data Backup & Recovery

According to relevant surveys, many businesses still suffer data recovery failures even if they have held backups in place. In this article, we’ll point out the 4 biggest challenges facing data backup and recovery. Nowadays, both home users and businesses have begun attaching importance to data backup and data recovery. For home users, it may be easier. For example, to protect Outlook data, they can just back up PST file periodically. If unfortunately the file also gets damaged, a PST...

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