Outlook Data Recovery

4 Top Challenges Facing Data Backup & Recovery

According to relevant surveys, many businesses still suffer data recovery failures even if they have held backups in place. In this article, we’ll point out the 4 biggest challenges facing data backup and recovery. Nowadays, both home users and businesses have begun attaching importance to data backup and data recovery. For home users, it may be easier. For example, to protect Outlook data, they can just back up PST file periodically. If unfortunately the file also gets damaged, a PST...

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How to Block Customized File Types in Outlook Attachments

By default, Outlook will block some potentially unsafe attachments, like .exe, .com and .bat files. Apart from the preset attachment file types, we can configure Outlook to block other additional ones. This article will teach you step by step. In our previous article “What to Do If Outlook Blocks Your Email Attachments”, we have discussed about how to release the blocked attachment file types as per our needs. Generally speaking, Outlook is so smart that it can recognize and block...

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2 Tips to Disable Hyperlinks in Outlook Emails

Facing various virus and malware, we should enhance our security awareness. For instance, we ought to keep tabs on our email security. This article will tell you how to disable hyperlinks in Outlook emails in case of email borne virus. Due to the fact that email has become a popular virus vector, we should pay more attention to email security in order to protect our PC as well as our precious data. Moreover, hyperlink embedded in emails is the most common factor which can be easily disguised...

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