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2 Means to Find Specific Contacts Based on Their Birthdays in Outlook

If you wish to find out desired contacts in Outlook on basis of their birthdays, you can apply the 2 techniques introduced in this article. If you are regular user of Outlook, you must have got a great number of Outlook contacts. Besides, not only can Outlook permit you to add the concrete birthdays to them, but also it allows you to find out specific contacts based on birthday, such as looking for your contacts whose birthdays are between 10/20/1991 and 10/19/1993. Read on to learn the...

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3 Methods to Quickly Share Multiple Outlook Emails with Others

If you are looking for a handy method to share multiple emails to someone else in Outlook, this article will be the best guide for you. It will offer 3 approaches. In reality, when it comes to sharing emails, you may think of forwarding them as attachments. This way is indeed the most simple. But if you have multiple emails to be shared, forwarding them individually and manually would be an arduous task. Now I will introduce 3 means to you. Method 1: Share within Exchange Environment If...

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5 Top Mistakes You Are Making on Your Data Recovery Plan

Data disaster is almost a nightmare for both businesses and individuals. Thus data recovery plan is gaining more and more attentions accordingly. This article will illustrate 5 top mistakes you are making on your data recovery plan. Unquestionably, no one is willing to think about bad things. But it is for the same reason that we should focus on how to resolve and get rid of the bad things, for instance, data disaster. Apparently, it is necessary to plan for recovery in case of data...

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