Outlook Data Recovery

5 Top Signs Your Hard Drive Is About to Die

Having an old and dying hard drive on your computer is not far away from losing your data on the drive. This article will introduce 5 top signs that can inform you of a failed hard drive. As you know, a hard drive is totally a repository of your data. Therefore, it is apparent that if the drive fails, your data will go away definitely. Few people have ever attached importance on the lifetime of hard drive. They may think that their hard drive is absolutely safe. But in reality, it can crash...

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How to Find the Outlook Emails Whose Bodies Contain the Specific Keywords

When searching a keyword by Outlook instant search, the emails whose subjects, attachments or bodies encompass the word will show up simultaneously. But if you only wish to seek for the emails whose message bodies contain the specific keywords, you can use the method introduced in this article. Many users must have known how to search out specific words or phrases in a certain opened email. Nevertheless, if you would like to look for the emails whose message body contains the specific...

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How to Add a Colored Horizontal Line to Outlook Signature

So as to separate email message body from signature more clearly, you can add a horizontal line in the signature. This article will focus on this issue and offer a handy approach. When I receive an email which contains a long content, I notice that the boundary between message body and signature is unsharp. Therefore, I wish that this kind of situation won’t occur to my outgoing emails. So I would like to design and add a colorful horizontal line to my Outlook signature. Here are the...

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