Outlook Data Recovery

5 Effective Tips to Keep Your Data Secure

Are you concerned about your data? If you wish to secure your data and prevent it from being stolen or lost, you will be enlightened after getting the 5 tips mentioned in this article. Beyond all questions, you should protect both of your personal data, like a collection of photographs, music or videos, and your work data, including reports, meeting schedules. However, confronted with various challenges, such hard drive failures, human errors, power outages, you must find it difficult. Now...

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How to Exclude Items of Specific Folders from Outlook Search Results

When you perform an instant search with a wide scope of “All Mail Items”, Outlook will show some unwanted items from needless folders, like “Drafts” and “RSS Feeds”. This article will teach to how to exclude items in specific folders from search results. When we click into the search box in Outlook main interface, Outlook will select “Current folder” as the default searching scope. If you would like a wider search, “All Outlook Items” and “All Mail Items” are also...

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5 Most Important Data Recovery Tips You Must Keep in Mind

When it comes to data recovery, the majority of people will feel annoying. Virtually, adhering to the 5 smart tips introduced in this article, you will be able to utterly change your mind about data recovery. In accordance with relevant statistics, small and medium-sized businesses are going through six data disasters in one year on average. And the top 3 causes are respectively power failures, natural disasters as well as cyber-attacks. Facing the grim situation, it is imperative to get...

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