Outlook Data Recovery

5 Easy Tips to Recover Your Corrupted Office Files

Data corruption can happen to all of us at any time. For common computer users, corrupted Office files are the most annoying issues. From its perspective, this article will introduce 5 techniques. When encountering Office corruption, you may rack your wits about it. Virtually sometimes, the Office program is smart enough to repair and recover the file by itself. If the built-in repair feature cannot make effects, Windows backup feature is also a wise resort. Now read on to get the quick...

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How to Hide Outlook Tasks until Their Start Dates Are Approaching

It will be difficult to arrange your daily works in Outlook if a mass of tasks congest your Tasks folder. It is a good idea to show tasks only when their start dates indeed approach. This article will focus on this issue and provide the handiest way. I have multiple tasks which have their start dates in the future. For instance, in December, I need to go on a business trip. I hope that Outlook show out this task around December instead of the current time. In fact, I wish that Outlook can...

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4 Steps to Extract Individual Contacts from Distribution List in Outlook

If you receive a distribution list in Outlook, would you like to save and convert it to individual contacts, instead of a group? This article will introduce an effective and efficient method to you. When I receive a distribution list, I prefer to expand the group in the message and then add them individually to my contacts folder. To be honest, it will take me a great deal of time. I look forward to a handier and quicker approach. Step 1: Save the Distribution List as Text File to Your...

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