Outlook Data Recovery

5 Top Reasons & Solutions of Hard Drive Failures

When experiencing hard drive failures, we may leave no stone unturned to fix it and try to restore lost data. But in prior to address these issues, you would be required to figure out the common reasons of hard drive failures. As soon as we discover that our hard drive fails, most of us will think about the same question: how can I fix it and restore lost data? Of course, you can resort to some repair tool, such as using PST repair tool to recover lost Outlook data. But in reality, the drive...

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2 Ways to Quickly Create a New Outlook Email in Windows System

In general, you have to open Outlook program firstly and then create a new email. But this article will teach you 2 approaches to create a new Outlook email without necessity to launch Outlook first. Actually there are two means to create a new email without opening Outlook. One is to create a Desktop shortcut for Outlook new message. And the other one is to open a new email from Outlook jump list. If you are interested in them, read on to get acquaintance with the elaborate steps. 1....

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2 Methods to Insert Contact Details into Outlook Emails

When you need to send a contact, you may send it as an email attachment. But at times, the recipient cannot open the contact in VCard/MSG format. So why not insert the contact details into the email body directly? This article will teach you 2 ways to accomplish it. When sending multiple Outlook contacts, sending them as email attachments will be much more recommended. However, if you just wish to send one contact, so as to avoid that recipient cannot open the contact, you had better insert...

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