Outlook Data Recovery

5 Tips to Minimize Data Loss from Power Failures

Aside from hardware malfunctions, human errors, data loss can result from power failures as well. From this perspective, this article can provide 5 most effective tips to minimize data loss from power failures. In contrast to hardware malfunctions which we can detect out easily ahead of time, power failures can happen to us without any signs or warnings. Therefore, it may be difficult to prevent. However, putting the following 5 tricks into action will help you minimize the data loss from...

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How to Quickly Send a Document as an Email in Your Word

Apart from sending a Word document as an Outlook email attachment, we can also send it just as an email. This article will introduce the detailed steps. For some important emails, such as emails to vital clients, I prefer to write the message body in a word document at first. And then copy it to the real email. But recently, I learn a new way which allows me to send the word document as email body without copying and pasting. Here are the elaborate operations. Send a Document as an Email in...

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