Outlook Data Recovery

How to Change the Default Journal Entry Type in Outlook

By default, when you create a new journal entry in Outlook, it will always start with “Phone Call” type. If you would like to change the starting entry type, this article will provide you an effective and handy workaround. In reality, Outlook comes endowed with the regulation to begin with “Phone Call”. But if you indeed wish to change the default journal entry type, there is an easy workaround. That is to change the description of “Phone Call” in the Registry Editor. Now follow...

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Local Storage vs Cloud Storage: Which Is Better for Your Personal Data Backups?

To protect your data, you should keep a regular and updated data backup. This article will compare local storage with cloud storage, assisting you to choose the more appropriate one for your personal data backups. In the digital era, data is all around. More and more people pay attention to data protections. Unquestionably, keeping a consistent data backup is most effective. For instance, to safeguard your Outlook data and increase the odds of successful Outlook recovery, you should back up...

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How to Change the Update Interval of Outlook Social Connector

As you know, Outlook enables you to connect to your social networks, such that you can see the social updates directly in Outlook. By default, Outlook social connector checks for new updates every 60 minutes. This article will introduce how to change the default update interval. In our previous article – “How to Collect All Your Social Network Updates in One Outlook Folder”, we have explored a handy method to check social updates. By default, the update interval of Outlook social...

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