Outlook Data Recovery

3 Tips to Add More Information to Your Outlook Contacts

As you see, Outlook only offers some common fields in the main screen of a contact item. If you would like to add more information to Outlook contacts, like “Parents”, you can follow the suggestions in this article. Actually apart from the common fields shown in the main interface of the contact item, Outlook permits us to add some more information to the contacts in “Details” part. But if you still add more extra information, you can click “All” fields button to gain more...

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5 Tricks to Safeguard Your Data against Extreme Weather

Extreme weather, like earthquakes, overheats and hurricanes, etc., can destroy our data easily. But you can also make adequate and effective precautions to avoid the damages by following the proposals in this article. When it comes to extreme weather, someone may feel despairing in that no one can boast capacity to fight against Mother Nature. But although we cannot defeat or predict when a storm or other disasters will strike, we still need to make some simple and effective precautions,...

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4 Methods to Quickly Find All Meeting Related Emails in Outlook

If you have no habits to classify your emails in Outlook on daily work, it would be difficult to find your desired emails, such as meeting related emails. This article will introduce 4 simple methods to quickly search out all the meeting related emails in Outlook. In Outlook, when you wish to find a specific type of emails, you can use make use of its “Message Class”. For example, all the meeting related emails belong to “IPM.Schedule.Meeting” message class. Hence, you can specify...

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