Outlook Data Recovery

5 Vital Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Hard Drive for Backup

It’s always a good idea and habit to back up our data. And currently hard drive has been one of the most popular backup media. What kind of hard drive is the best choice for you? Here are 5 concerns you should think about when buying. To protect painful data loss, mounting computer users are paying more attention to data backups. For example, as long as you back up PST files, even if Outlook crashes, you still can recover PST data via backups with utmost ease. When it comes to data...

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How to Import Email Addresses from a Nickname File (.NK2)

Nickname file is a repository of AutoComplete Cache in Outlook 2007 and older versions. All the recently used email addresses will reside in the NK2 file. This article will talk about how to import all the internal addresses into Outlook 2010 and newer. Outlook 2007 and previous versions are programmed to store the recently used email addresses in a Nickname file (*.nk2), which refers to AutoComplete Cache. But for Outlook 2010 and later, all of these addresses wholly reside in a contact...

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