Outlook Data Recovery

How to Auto Create New Tasks When Receiving Specific Emails in Outlook

Someone hopes that Outlook can create new tasks automatically when specific emails land into their mailbox. But Outlook doesn’t offer this feature by default. If you have this wish, you still can achieve it by the method introduced in this article. Outlook has no native support to automatically create new tasks when receiving specific emails. However, you still can realize it with the help of rules and VBA. If you are interested in this capability, please read on. The followings are...

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5 Approaches to Protect Your Data on SD Cards

Although we have benefited a lot from paperless data storage, increasing risks are coming towards us, too. So we must take some precautions to protect our data. In this article, some advice for data protections on SD cards will be introduced. Without a doubt, the media where we can store our data are becoming more and more diverse, ranging from traditional devices, like hard drives, to mobile devices, like flash drives, SD cards and so forth. But irrespective of which storage media we opt...

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2 Means to View Multiple Calendar Months at the Same Time in Outlook

Do you want to view multiple calendar months in Outlook? However, Outlook is programmed with only one month view available in Calendar. If you really need to view several months at the same time, you can use the following 2 workarounds. In Outlook Calendar, you can change to “Month” view simply in “Arrange” group, shown as the following screenshot. While this view only supports displaying one month in the current window. If you would like to view multiple months at once, you should...

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