Outlook Data Recovery

How to Create and Use Custom Stationery in Outlook

Outlook has some built-in kinds of stationery. Actually you’re also allowed to create personalized stationery as per you preference. This article will introduce how to create and apply custom stationery in detail. Sometimes, it is difficult for a plain email to attract the recipients. If you can use stationery for the emails, it would be much more attractive. Fortunately, Outlook comes packed with some types of stationery by default, shown as the following screenshot. Also, if you don’t...

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5 Common Causes of RAID Data Loss

RAID plays a good role in data storage, but it would be a greater challenge if the array fails and internal data get lost. This article will focus on RAID data loss issue and outline the 5 common causes. So-called “RAID” commonly refers to redundant array of inexpensive disks. It is a virtualization technology for data storage. It can combine many physical disks or drives into a single logical unit to realize data redundancy and improve related devices’ performance. This technology...

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How to Protect Your Outlook Data from Unauthorized Access

In order to protect privacy and personal data, a majority of Outlook users long for effective methods to prevent unauthorized access to their Outlook data. This article will focus on this issue and provide some tips. In the contemporary era, with the development of IT technology, it is increasingly difficult to protect our data from loss, corruption or being stolen. The same holds true for Outlook data. Fortunately, Outlook comes programmed with some native functions to protect data. The...

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