Outlook Data Recovery

How to Add a “Notes” Column for Your Outlook Messages

If you’ often need to add personalized notes or remarks to Outlook messages, why not customize a "Notes" column in the email list? This article will introduce you the detailed operations to achieve it. A previous article “4 Easy Methods to Insert a Note into Your Outlook Messages” has introduced 4 effective approaches to add a note into the emails, including customizing a follow up flag, editing the message subject or body and attaching a Note item. In comparison to the 4 workarounds,...

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3 Common Causes and Solutions to RAID 5 Failures

RAID 5 has earned a lot of kudos thanks to its high speed and fault tolerance. But it does not mean that it won’t fail. This article will introduce the 3 common ways that RAID 5 systems can fail and lose data as well as the necessary solutions. RAID 5 is preferred by most common users. It must consist of at least 3 drives. Owing to its distributed parity, data redundancy can be realized perfectly. That is to say, if one drive fails, the RAID controller will be able to rebuild the array and...

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