Outlook Data Recovery

2 Methods to Link Tasks with an Appointment in Outlook

Many users have the wish to link several tasks with an appointment in Outlook. In this article, we will focus on this issue and introduce 2 approaches. Sometimes, we indeed hope to associate task with appointment in Outlook. For example, we have an important appointment in our Outlook calendar. Before the appointment, we need to do some additional preparations. So we create several individual tasks for this appointment. At this point, we must wish to link these items. In response to this...

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How to Add or Remove Words in Outlook Custom Dictionary

As a rule, Outlook can’t automatically recognize the special words and it will mark them as spelling mistakes unless you add them to the custom dictionary. This article will introduce how to add or remove words in your custom dictionary. More often than not, when you type a special word, like “DataNumen”, Outlook will not be able to identify it and will flag the word as a spelling mistake with the wavy red line. If you’ve confirm that it is correct, actually you can add it into your...

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5 Vital Do’s and Don’ts of Reacting to RAID Failures

Even though RAID has better performance in data storage than a single hard drive, it is still prone to failure. This article will provide 5 effective do’s and don’ts after RAID failures to minimize or avoid data loss. For common computer users, one hard drive is enough to store their data. But for businesses, it would be a better choice to employ RAID, which is able to combine multiple hard drives. It realizes data redundancy and improves the performance of data access. However, in spite...

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