Outlook Data Recovery

3 Common Causes and Solutions to RAID 5 Failures

RAID 5 has earned a lot of kudos thanks to its high speed and fault tolerance. But it does not mean that it won’t fail. This article will introduce the 3 common ways that RAID 5 systems can fail and lose data as well as the necessary solutions. RAID 5 is preferred by most common users. It must consist of at least 3 drives. Owing to its distributed parity, data redundancy can be realized perfectly. That is to say, if one drive fails, the RAID controller will be able to rebuild the array and...

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How to Get Notified When an Email Arrives in Outlook VBA

In order to do a specific job when a new email arrives into our inbox, we need a VBA function to be triggered. This article focuses on achieving that. Working with Outlook Events A lot of Outlook applications require some action to be performed when a new email arrives into the inbox. Sometimes this requirement is to automatically save the attachments on a disk drive and at times uploading the email to some 3rd party web server. Outlook provides a number of events to work with, among them is...

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How to Auto Save Every Incoming Email to Hard Drive via Outlook VBA

A user might want to save emails on hard drive in order to view them independently of Outlook or to share with someone else. In this article, we will introduce how to do that automatically via VBA. Export Emails from Outlook Not every internet user uses Outlook as an Email client and may be using an alternate one. There may also be a situation where an email needs to be shared with someone, without sending over the actual email. Also for documentation and scrutiny purposes, emails are often...

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