Outlook Data Recovery

4 Top Reasons Why You Should Back Up Your Data on Cloud

Have you already utilized cloud storage service to back up your data? If you are still hesitating, this article will tell you 4 top reasons why you should use cloud storage. Without any doubts, when it comes to data protection, the best way is to make a backup. As long as you have the current backup in hand, you can get back data without needs to apply any recovery tools. For example, in order to safeguard the Outlook data, you can back up Outlook data file. Thereby, even if you encounter...

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How to Add Your Custom Search Folders to Outlook Today Window

By default, you cannot add custom search folders to Outlook Today window directly within Outlook. This article will teach you how to achieve it by a quick means. As you can see, there are only three default mail folders that are listed in Outlook Today window. They are “Inbox”, “Drafts” and “Outbox” respectively. If you would like to add some other mail folders, such as “Sent Items” or “Deleted Items”, etc., you can hit the “Customize Outlook Today” link in the...

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How to Change the Meeting Organizer in Your Outlook

Sometimes you may be required to change the Outlook meeting organizer for some reasons. But in fact, Outlook doesn’t support this, so you have to recreate a meeting with the same attendees and details. This article will teach you a quick method. In reality, I have ever experienced this kind of case as well. On one occasion, I’ve received a meeting invitation in Outlook from my colleague, who is the original meeting organizer. But for some personal affairs, he couldn’t attend and...

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