Outlook Data Recovery

2 Tips to Quickly Remove Large Email Attachments in Your Outlook

It is always suggested to remove large email attachments from Outlook, which can keep your Outlook file in small size and prevent the file from corruption. This article, we will introduce you 2 quick means. As we all know, Outlook file is susceptible to corruption. One of the main culprits is the oversized Outlook file. Therefore, in order to block your Outlook data from being damaged, you should always keep tabs on your file size and keep it in small size. One of the common methods is to...

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2 Methods to Print Outlook Emails without the Recipient Information

Sometimes, you may want to print Outlook emails without the recipients, no matter To, CC, or BCC recipients. In this article, we’ll exhibit 2 methods to print emails without the recipient information in quick time. In some cases, for example, the email contains too many recipients which occupy much space in the message header or you wish to only print the message body, you may desire to print the email without the recipient information. However, by default, Outlook has no native support...

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5 Tricks for Businesses to Prevent Data Loss from Human Errors

As we all know, data loss can make catastrophic damages on businesses. Thus it is essential for businesses to take some precautions. Since human errors are one of the most common culprits of data losses, this article will focus on it and offer 5 tips. In the current era, there are numerous threats around our data, such as viruses, malware, data storage media issues, power failures, human errors and so forth. However, only a few people get good aware of them, especially user errors, which...

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