Outlook Data Recovery

4 Top Mistakes You Must Avoid in Online Backups

Nowadays, many people prefer to back up their data onto the cloud. By making an online backup, you can get an offsite backup. Even so, if you’re making the following 5 mistakes mentioned in this article, you can suffer data loss as well. It is almost a cliché that you should make a regular backup for your data. Without any doubts, backups can indeed protect your data from getting lost. For example, when your Outlook files get compromised due to a sudden crash, you can readily retrieve the...

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How to Quickly Create a Contact Group from the Recipient List of an Email with Outlook VBA

At times, when you send or receive an email with many recipients, you may want to create a contact group for these recipients. This article will introduce a quick way to accomplish it with Outlook VBA. In our previous article “How to Create a Contact Group from Recipient List”, we have learned a common method to create the contact group for email recipients. That is to firstly select and copy the recipients from the emails, and then create a contact group manually and paste the...

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How to Auto Create a New Appointment When an Email Is Flagged in Outlook

Some people desire to automatically or quickly create a new Outlook appointment when they flag an email. This article will introduce an approach to realize it with Outlook VBA. Sometimes, I may receive an email which mentions an appointment or meeting. But it is just an email instead of a common meeting item in Outlook. In this case, I have to create a new appointment in my Outlook calendar manually. That’s a bit troublesome. So I wish that Outlook can automatically create a new...

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