Outlook Data Recovery

2 Easy Tips to Search Emails Based on Recipients in Outlook

Sometimes, when you intend to search emails as per recipients, if you cannot clearly remember whether the recipients are in “To”, “CC” or “BCC” field, it’ll be a bit knotty. In this article, we will introduce 2 easy methods to accomplish it. There is no doubt that Outlook indeed provides us with a good “search” feature, including instant search, advanced find and search folder and so forth. As usual, to search emails by recipients, most people will enable the “To”,...

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2 Methods to Count the Number of Recipients in an Outlook Email

At times, you may want to calculate the total number of the recipients in a specific email. But Outlook has no obvious “counting” function to support it. So this article will introduce 2 approaches to achieve it. In some situations, for instance, when you’ve added a great amount of recipients to an email and find it difficult to manage them, you would like to obtain the total number of these recipients. But Outlook doesn’t have a native or default support to count. Thus you have to...

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5 Effective Tricks to Prevent RAID Data Losses

Even though RAID indeed provides users data redundancy, it still cannot guarantee that it can keep far away from data loss. So users should make efforts to take some precautions to combat against RAID data losses. This article will expose 5 useful tips. As mentioned in our previous article “5 Common Causes of RAID Data Loss”, you can get acquainted with the 5 most common culprits of RAID failures. They are RAID controller failure, physical damages of hard drives, circuit board...

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