Outlook Data Recovery

How to Quickly Send a Notification Mail to the Meeting Attendees Who Haven’t Responded

If some attendees haven’t made any responses to your meeting invitation, you must be annoyed. Hence, you may wish to send them a notification mail. This article will tell you a quick way to extract those who haven’t responded and send a mail. Outlook permits users to track the meeting responses. As shown in the following screenshot, after opening the meeting, you can click “Tracking” button and select “View Tracking Status” to display all the response statuses. Then you can...

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How to Always Open Specific Folders When Switching Between Different Outlook Sections

When you switch between different sections, no matter Mail, Contacts, Calendar or Tasks, Outlook will always open its default folder. If you want to configure Outlook to always open specific and non-default folders, you can use the method introduced in this article. As usual, when you switch to Mail section, Outlook will open its default folder in the “Favorites” group. Actually, for the default mail folder, you can easily change it in Outlook Options, like the following...

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Is DIY Data Recovery Suitable for Your Case?

When encountering data disaster, many people tend to attempt a DIY data recovery in the first place. But in reality, DIY data recovery isn’t always a good idea. So this article will discuss this issue in depth and detail. Regardless of which data storage devices you’re using, the data can get corrupted or lost inevitably. Provided that the lost data is of great value and importance, it’ll be a great trouble. For businesses, it can lead to severe financial losses. While for individuals,...

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