Outlook Data Recovery

5 Tricks for Businesses to Prevent Data Loss from Human Errors

As we all know, data loss can make catastrophic damages on businesses. Thus it is essential for businesses to take some precautions. Since human errors are one of the most common culprits of data losses, this article will focus on it and offer 5 tips. In the current era, there are numerous threats around our data, such as viruses, malware, data storage media issues, power failures, human errors and so forth. However, only a few people get good aware of them, especially user errors, which...

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How to Auto Assign a Task to a Specific Person at a Scheduled Time with Outlook VBA

Many users desire that Outlook can automatically assign a specific task to specific people at a scheduled time, like the “Delay Delivery” feature for emails. This article will introduce how to make it realized via Outlook VBA. As we all know, Outlook permits us to send emails at a scheduled time by means of “Delay Delivery” feature, like the following screenshot: However, this feature is only available for emails, not for meetings or tasks. Thus, many people are looking...

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