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How to Convert a Meeting into an Appointment with Outlook VBA

Many users are longing for a method to convert an Outlook meeting into a common appointment. This article will introduce a quick method to accomplish it quickly via Outlook VBA. Actually an Outlook meeting is also an appointment item. The primary difference between them is that meeting contains attendees but appointment doesn’t. Thus it is pretty easy to convert a common appointment into a meeting. Just open the appointment and click on “Invite Attendees” button under “Appointment”...

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How to Archive Outlook Emails Larger Than a Specific Size

Outlook “Archive” feature only supports users to clean up old items by date. So if you want to archive Outlook emails by the mail size, you have to make extra efforts. This article will teach you how to do it. Outlook comes packed with a powerful cleanup tool - “Archive”. As shown in the following picture, it only permits users to select folder and filter emails based on the date. You cannot filter emails based on other criteria, such as mail size. But actually, the reason why...

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5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Dealing with Solid State Drive

Although solid state drive will never suffer mechanical issues, if you frequently do something wrong, you will accelerate its degradation and endanger the data. This article will expose 5 mistakes that you have to avoid in handling solid state drive. Compared with traditional hard disk drive, which applies the mechanical moving parts to read/write data, solid state drive employs flash-based memory. Thereby, solid state drive works far differently from the hard disk drive. In terms of speed,...

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