Outlook Data Recovery

How to Auto Include Yourself as a Recipient When Replying All in Outlook

Do you frequently desire to reply all including yourself as a recipient? It’ll be messy if you always manually add your own email address. This article will teach you how to make it automatic. Perhaps you have several email accounts configured in your Outlook. Therefore, maybe for the sake of convenience for future check, when you reply a mail to all the recipients, you may wish to include your another email address as a recipient, too. Assuming that you frequently have this requirement,...

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5 Vital Steps to Replace Your Computer Hard Drive

All of your computer data are actually stored on the computer hard drive. Hence, if the drive fails, both your computer and your data will suffer. In this article, we will look at this issue and teach you to properly replace your computer hard drive. It is inevitable that your computer hard drive will fail gradually over time. And at times, your incorrect operations may speed up its degradation. In such cases, in order to prevent your computer from malfunctioning and protect your data, you...

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How to Batch Export Multiple Selected Outlook Emails to a Text/Excel/PST File

If you only want to export selected Outlook emails to an external file, using “Import and Export” feature will be quite troublesome. This article will guide you to quickly export the multiple selected emails to a Text, Excel or PST file. In general, when you would like to export Outlook items to an external file, the “Import and Export” feature will come to your mind in the first place. You can go to “File” menu, find and click “Import” button under “Open” tab. Then in...

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