Outlook Data Recovery

3 Easy Tricks to Exclude Specific Outlook Items from Being Auto Archived

When configuring Outlook to auto archive items, you may hope to not include specific items in that they are vitally important and frequently required. This article will introduce 3 simple tips. As we all know, Outlook file is vulnerable if it gets oversized. Fortunately, Outlook comes packed with many cleanup tools, including “Archive” feature. Therefore, it’s advisable to regularly archive old items or just set Outlook to auto archive. Sometimes, you may want to ignore...

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5 Top Tips to Extend Your Solid State Drive’s Life

Solid state drive is smaller and faster than traditional hard disk drive. It also has no moving parts, which is prone to error. But solid state drive, as a type of data storage device, has its own problems likewise. This article will tell you 5 ways to maintain extend its life. Solid state drive is a type of data storage device which use flash-based memory. It means that handling data on a solid state drive is totally through electron. Thus it has no moving parts. Although it seemingly has...

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How to Auto Remove the Prefix “RE” or “FW” in Subject when Replying or Forwarding Emails

When you try to reply or forward emails via hitting “Reply”, “Reply All” or “Forward” button, there must be “RE” or “FW” prefix added in the front of the email subject. This article will tell you how to let Outlook auto remove them with VBA. In our pervious article – “2 Methods to Forward Outlook Emails without “FW” Prefix in Subject”, you can get two workarounds to forward emails without “FW”. They are resending the emails and creating a “Forward” quick...

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