Outlook Data Recovery

Why Hybrid Hard Drive Is a Better Choice for Data Storage?

In general, when we choose a data storage medium, traditional hard disk drive and solid state drive will cross our minds in the first place. Actually hybrid hard drive is also a good option. This article will look at this type of drive and expose why it is a better choice for data storage. Generally speaking, the two types of hard drives, which we are most familiar with, are the traditional hard disk drive and solid state drive. With accordance to our previous article - “7 Differences...

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4 Important Tricks to Safeguard Your Digital Images in Flash Memory Card

Nowadays, people like to memorize their lives by taking photos. It is hard to imagine how frightening if you lose those precious memories somehow. Since digital photograph gains a great market share due to its convenience and is usually stored in flash memory cards, we will offer 4 tips to help you protect your cherished memories. We can take photographs in any situations if we want to reserve the current scenes for memory. And almost every people own a digital camera. Thus digital...

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How to Quickly Get the Total Number of Attachments in Selected Outlook Emails

Have you ever been required to count the number of email attachments in selected emails? It will be tedious if you manually count them. Here we will help you make the counting much easier and quicker with Outlook VBA. For some reasons, you may need to count the number of attachments in Outlook emails. If you simply want to get the number of attachments in one email, it’ll be considerably easy. But if you desire to count the attachments in several emails, it will be very troublesome to...

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