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How to Record and Track Phone Calls with Your Outlook Journals

Outlook journal feature support users to record and track phone calls. If you often want to write down some notes during a business call, why not use Outlook journal? This article will look at this feature and introduce the operations elaborately. More often than not, you must often make business phone calls to your clients or colleagues. During the calls, you may need to record some notes. In this situation, normally, you may get used to finding a pen and paper to write down the notes by...

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How to Only Keep the Selected Texts in Your Reply Email via Outlook VBA

By default, Outlook doesn’t support users to only keep the selected texts in the reply email. This article will introduce you a quick method to achieve it with Outlook VBA. Sometimes, for some reasons, you may desire to only keep the selected texts in your reply email rather than the whole original email body. However, by default, Outlook comes without this native feature. In this case, as a rule, if you want to reply only the selected text, you can use a workaround. Firstly select the...

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Why Hybrid Hard Drive Is a Better Choice for Data Storage?

In general, when we choose a data storage medium, traditional hard disk drive and solid state drive will cross our minds in the first place. Actually hybrid hard drive is also a good option. This article will look at this type of drive and expose why it is a better choice for data storage. Generally speaking, the two types of hard drives, which we are most familiar with, are the traditional hard disk drive and solid state drive. With accordance to our previous article - “7 Differences...

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