Outlook Data Recovery

7 Effective Tips to Free up More Spaces on Your Hard Drive

Hard drive is the location where you’re storing your computer data. Many PC users are complaining that their hard drives always seem to be stuffed. Thus this article will introduce 6 effective tips related to the hard drive in Windows computer. As we all know, our computer data are stored on the computer hard drive. Hence, once the hard drive is chock-full, of course we will fail to write more data to it. In addition, with less and less space left, the hard drive will degrade gradually....

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How to Auto Open a New Outlook Note After Starting Your Computer

Outlook provides users with Notes feature. If you are accustomed to using Outlook notes in your daily work and frequently require it, you may desire to always open a new note in your computer desktop after computer starts. This article will help you realize it. Outlook comes endowed with the Notes feature. Without a doubt, it is convenient indeed. In general, as long as we’ve opened our Outlook, we quickly create a new note and write down some important information whenever we need....

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2 Quick Methods to Get Your Outlook Contact’s Age

Sometimes, you may want to count your Outlook contacts’ age. But Outlook doesn’t have this function and manually counting will be error prone. Thus this article will introduce you 2 quick approaches via Outlook VBA. When creating new Outlook contacts, you can input the contacts’ birthdays. Then Outlook will automatically create the according recurring birthday events in your calendar. So when anyone’s birthday comes, you will receive a reminder. At this point, you must want to know...

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